Data Validation Summaries

Data Validation Summary (DVS) plots are available for all targets de-trended with everest. They are included in the MAST catalog as pdf files and are named according to the everest model that generated them (i.e., nPLD.pdf). They can easily be accessed via the everest user interface:

import everest

The DVS files contain two pages. The first is a summary figure showing the final CBV-corrected flux, the PLD-de-trended flux, and the raw flux. The second page contains various plots concerning the PLD-de-trending.

Below is an annotated example of the first page for the K2 target EPIC 201367065, a campaign 1 planet host.


And here is the second page for the same target:



Sometimes, very deep transits can get cut off from the plots. This is particularly a problem for the early campaigns of K2, where many deep transits and eclipses were flagged by the Kepler team as having poor QUALITY. We adjust the limits of the plots based on the valid data points, so sometimes these transit can get cut off. So if a deep transit is missing in the plot, it’s likely still there! Make sure to plot the light curve via the Python interface and zoom out to see it.